Pricing Tables : Included in BUILDER Theme

This is a pack of pure CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress with 2 table styles and 20 predefined color versions including hover states.


  • pure CSS + HTML (no javascript)
  • 2 table styles
  • 20 color versions
  • unlimited number of tables on the website
  • hover states
  • CSS3 tooltips/hints
  • unlimited number of columns and rows
  • rows and columns sorting
  • font-face fonts
  • intuitive administration panel with “live” configuration (your table can be ready in 2-5 minutes)
  • 20 predefined sample configurations
  • implementatin with simple shortcode [css3_grid]
  • Multi Site (WordPress MU) compatibile
  • columns width configuration from admin panel
  • columns text aligment configuration from admin panel
  • possibility to set one or many columns as active (poped up) by default
  • possibility to disable/hide one or many columns from admin panel
  • set of yes (tick) and no (cross) icons (42 icons)
  • possibility to add ribbons to one or many columns
  • rows heights and paddings configuration from admin panel
  • documentation included

Browser Support

  • Firefox 3.5 and Above – Full Support
  • Opera 11 – Full Support
  • Safari 5 – Full Support
  • Chrome – Full Support
  • IE9 – Full Support
  • IE6 – 8 – No Support for Rounded Corners and Shadows

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s1′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s2′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s3′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s4′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s5′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s6′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s7′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s8′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s9′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s10′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s11′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t1_s12′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t2_s1′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t2_s2′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t2_s3′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t2_s4′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t2_s5′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t2_s6′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t2_s7′]

[css3_grid id=’Table_t2_s8′]

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