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Rick Hebert was first an artist, then a home builder.  With the awareness that art touches people in ways no other medium can. Hebert is an artist who has chosen brick, wood, mortar and plaster as his media, and the building of exquisite homes of unusual quality and beauty as his finished works of art.


When he designs a house, he starts with the front door. Each of his homes has a distinct personality. He visualizes where the dominant wall in a room is. He considers the way a bed is situated next to the window so the ideal view is perfectly framed. His homes are planned to reveal elegance and beauty from every vantage point. Creative floor treatments include elegantly stained etched concrete that mimics Old World materials. A Country French theme is accentuated with breathtaking cathedral ceilings and floors made from rich looking repurposed old heart pine reminiscent of the 100 year old French Quarter style.

Hebert’s philosophy: The vision of the house comes from the client. Hebert is very open to working with their ideas. He is a good communicator and allows his talents to work for his clients.


As a child, Rick Hebert gravitated toward art and design. He grew up in a shotgun home in Algiers Point. His family furniture business, Michael Hebert’s influenced him strongly and gave him an eye for furniture layouts and design. His father passed on his interest in furniture to Hebert’s brother, Michael who carried on this tradition for decades.

Hebert’s Father, Noah, was a fine furniture craftsman who reproduced antique furniture for Mannheim Galleries, which has been in the French Quarter for over 100 years. His reproductions were very different to distinguish from the actual antiques. His father handed down his knowledge of finishes and design to Rick.

Rick Hebert always had a desire to build. He graduated form Louisiana State University, LSU with an art degree. He was an art teacher in local high schools. Not a small thinker, his first project was a contractor was developing a 15 unit condominium. Followed by four story hotels, million dollar homes, churches, and commercial projects.

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